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Summer – time for weddings. Many dream about this day, carefully plan it, want to remember the celebration forever. But, unfortunately, in front of the event itself, almost everyone faces anxiety. Why is this happening and how to overcome it?

Before the wedding in the head of many brides, thoughts swarm with a whirlwind. These are global experiences:

  • What if the event does not pass quite perfectly?
  • Whether I made the right choice?
  • What if after the wedding everything will change?

And household unrest:

  • What if the outfit is not very?
  • What if the tamada does not hold a bad event?
  • And if the dishes do not like guests?

You can’t describe all the anxieties, because we are very different, everyone bothers his own. The main thing is to find the key that will help to get pleasure and joy from the wedding.

To begin with, anxiety is a fear that we do not realize. And the fear of the start of something new in our life is absolutely normal. This is how our brain is arranged: its task is to protect us from all unusual and not yet experienced.

Thus, he tries to “keep” us in the usual world and protect us from troubles. And the more significant the changes, the higher the level of fear will be. The task is to see this fear and direct the energy that he gives us in the right direction. How to do it?

Realize what you are actually afraid of

Write out or say what worries you. This will calm you down: a conscious fear is much easier to manage.

Separate flies from cutlets

Understand: your fear is real or invented? Real fear is, for example, if the tamada really has already shown himself from the bad side, and you know about it. Or if your guests are really often late.

Or if the groom does not seriously suit you in something, but you hope that everything will change. Real fear is beneficial: it includes our attention and requires actions from us.

The invented fear is when everything is fine and no one failed you, but you habitually create negative scenarios in your head. In your imagination, everything does not go as planned: disasters happen and the worst options for the development of events are realized.

Divide your fears into real and invented. What to do next?

Work out real fears

Think about what resources – knowledge, people, money – will help you hold a wedding in the best way. Use the time of preparation for the wedding constructively. There is an idea – embody. Need help – ask. Thus, your fear is transformed into the energy of action, and everything will work out as you wanted.

Work out far -fetched fears

Most people have a habit of worrying and invent negative images of the future. It may even seem that this helps to foresee everything or somehow motivate yourself.

But no, quite the opposite. There is no difference for the brain whether something bad happens in reality or only in your head. The body will respond to imaginary or real events exactly the same.

When you are captured by negative images and experiences, the body begins to suffer. The head hurts, the intestines torments, insomnia occurs, pressure disorders, breathing problems arise. These bodily reactions are even more enhanced by your anxiety. Attention is reduced, the mood worsens.

And in the end, you cannot prepare well for the event, and all those negative scenarios that you created in your head are realized. This is not prophecy – it is self -programming and self -destruction. What can be done with them?

If you can create negative pictures, it means that you are able to generate positive! Joyful attitude, the confidence that the wedding will be the one that you dreamed about will help this event go just like that. Of course, we cannot control the weather or other people with the help of thought, but even if something goes wrong, you can withstand it and do not upset so much.

So, how to create positive images of the upcoming event?

1. We tune in. If it is difficult to switch and it seems that you do not control yourself, start with a breathing or relaxation practitioner. The simplest: start breathing consciously, gradually lengthening the breath and exhale.

A little more complicated: take yourself 10-15 minutes, retire and with your eyes closed gradually relax every muscle of your body, paying attention to your breath and trying not to think, but only relax.

2. We remember why we started a wedding at all, about which we dream. Imagine this beautiful image in all colors. What will I see, hear, feel when everything is fine? Who will be near, where it will be? In the slightest details inside yourself live your dream. You can with closed eyes.

3. We open our eyes and return to “here and now”. Plan what can really be done to take care of yourself and about your event.

It is important to learn how to switch yourself to a positive state. And then not only the wedding, but also life together will be a miracle and joy.


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